#TheDress Is Happening All Over Again Because Of This Awful Shoe

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Remember in Kindergarten when colors were drilled so deep into your brain that you never once questioned, “What is this color?” And then remember #TheDress that made you question literally everything you ever thought you knew in this world? Welp, brace yourselves and riddle me this: which nail polish goes best with this shoe?


I mean, is it pink? Is it purple? Is that even a real color? Why do you own those shoes? Is that OPI or China Glaze? And don’t tell me that doesn’t matter because it does.

You would think I would find some solace in the fact that, at least this time around, I can see BOTH colors; but instead, it’s just making me wonder if I truly even know pink from purple. All I really know is that the shoe in question is going to be hideous regardless of which nail polish you wear.

[via Buzzfeed]

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