The Top 10 Googled People Of The Year Kind Of Made Me Lose Faith In All Of Us

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The Top 10 Googled People Of The Year Kind Of Made Me Lose Faith In All Of Us

Every year, Google releases their list of the top “trending people” – those that we looked for the most over the last year (not including those who died – RIP.) And when looking at the list for this year, I can’t help but notice that the people we were most interested in makes us look like a bunch of sick fucks who enjoy other people’s misfortune.

But, there is a bright side — there’s not a single Kardashian sister on the list. Sorry, Kim.

10. Josh Duggar

Had a blast bowling with this big guy today! #Michael

A photo posted by Josh Duggar (@joshduggar) on

Kicking the list off with this hypocrite. At least there’s someone that’s a bigger immoral asshole than we are, right?

9. Adele

London / X Factor

A photo posted by @adele on

At minimum, 50% of this traffic was me A.) Googling the lyrics to “Hello” so I could tweet them while crying and B.) desperately searching for tickets to her 2016 North American tour since it sold out in about 2 minutes.

8. Rachel Dolezal

#racheldolezal #portrait #gouache #illustration

A photo posted by Jessica Olah (@jessicaolah) on

She’s kind of like that whole black/blue vs. gold/cream dress debate thing, but in human form. I’m still not really sure what color she is. I see sort of an orange-hue, personally.

7. Brian Williams

#Repost ・・・ Update This post was originally written 7 weeks ago. #BrianWilliams will stay at #NBC and move to another position. Will Brian Williams Be Back? The news anchor for NBC news was suspended earlier this year for embellishing his news stories. Recent #investigation by NBC discovered that he in some way fabricated at least 11 news stories. One of the most popular ones was during #hurricaneKatrina, he reported that he saw a body or bodies floating while in #NewOrleans covering the story.. NBC is suppose to let him know in #August if he will be back. By then transiting #Saturn will be reaching an exact conjunction to his #natal #Jupiter, and transiting Jupiter will be exact conjunction to his natal #Pluto. While these transits could be a lot worse, it is no doubt going to be highly stressful for him. With Jupiter hitting his Pluto, he could salvage something about his career. He had great ratings for NBC, so somebody there will fight for him to stay. He’ll probably be kept in some capacity, but there will no doubt be some backlash by viewers #RealAstrologyWayne #PsychicWayne #Astrology #celebpsychicreading #psychicreadings #horoscopes #zodiacsigns #Astrologyfacts

A photo posted by Psychic Wayne (@psychicwayne1) on

I’m not gonna lie, this one made me sad. There was something always sort of comforting about Williams during times of tragedy for me. But like most men that I trust, he turned out to be a big fat liar.

6. Charlie Sheen

Just a quick reminder to everyone. also a huge shoutout to a brilliant artist James Malia(.com) c

A photo posted by Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) on

I literally can’t think of anything witty to say about someone having HIV. Nor should I. So, moving on.

5. Ruby Rose

I just had to Google her because I literally have no idea who this is.

4. Donald Trump

On the cover of @TIME Magazine- a great honor!

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

I can’t. I just can’t. Next.

3. Ronda Rousey

I wonder if the majority of her traffic came before or after she got her cocky (yet shapely) ass handed to her by Holly Holm?

2. Caitlyn Jenner

I just took the @glaad #SpiritDay pledge to stand up against bullying. Join me at

A photo posted by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

Okay, serious note: I don’t know if she’s a hero, and I’m not going to debate that point, but it takes some major courage to publicly admit who you truly are after a lifetime of living in a body that you didn’t feel was right. Props, girl. Props.

1. Lamar Odom

Prodigal Son #humility

A photo posted by Lamar Odom (@lamarodom) on

The man was a solid NBA player, then he married a Kardashian. But yet it took him falling into a coma from a drug overdose while kicking it with two hookers at a Las Vegas brothel for him to become the most searched person on the internet. What exactly does that say about us, kids?

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