The New England Patriots Twitter Account Just Tweeted “I HATE N**GERS”

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Social media interns have to have the highest turnover of any interns in any industry ever.

This is example numero uno.

The New England Patriots decided to reward a random Twitter follower with a custom jersey featuring their Twitter handle. There could not have been a worse handle chosen.

IMG_9054 copy

Yep. That twitter handle is “@IHATENI**ERSS.” If you check the timestamp on the tweet and the clock on the screenshot, the tweet has been live for over an hour. Bang up job, guys.

I don’t think you could’ve picked a worse account to award a free custom jersey too. There’s now going to be a guy parading around Gillette Stadium with the most offensive custom jersey that’s ever been printed. Also, it’s approved by Rob Gronkowski! This is just rich.

I doubt it’ll happen though. The Twitter account has two followers and has existed since March 2011.

This is what happens when you trust unpaid interns to run social media campaigns. Dammit.

[h/t @marcw_85]

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