The Hunt Family Suite At Arrowhead Stadium Might Be The Nicest Owner’s Box In The NFL

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The Hunt family has owned the Kansas City Chiefs for over 50 years. When Clark Hunt took over for his father, Lamar, after his passing in 2007, he decided the stadium (and his family’s suite) needed a major facelift. After renovations to Arrowhead Stadium were complete in 2010, the Hunt family revealed the incredible update to an already palatial skybox.

hunt-suite-5 hunt-suite-4 hunt-suite-3 hunt-suite-2 hunt-suite-1 hunt-suite-6



First impressions: It’s more like a castle than it is a suite in an NFL stadium. They have a Chiefs-themed stained-glass window and marble Roman busts, FFS. There are TWO floors. This thing is probably nicer (and bigger) than any house I’ll ever own. Second impressions: Where are the massive HDTVs? I don’t see a single 60-incher.

Item added to bucket list: Get in good with the Hunt family.

[via Imgur, The Big Lead]

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