The Greatest Card Magician Ever Also Happens To Be Blind

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To anyone with a vague familiarity with the table magic and card manipulation world, Richard Turner is a fucking legend. Sadly, in spite of his many TV appearances, most people are not aware of who he is. He’s not only a card shark, he’s a martial artist and adventurer extraordinaire. I’ll let the new trailer for the documentary about his life give you a glimpse.

Oh, that’s right. I buried the lede a bit. Richard Turner is also completely blind. So not only are his accomplishments impressive on their own, the fact that he lost his sight makes them all the more insane.

For a taste of what his show looks like, here’s a clip from a performance at the Magic Castle. The video is 11 minutes long, so I imagine you’ll go into it assuming that you’ll watch a trick or two, and then click on to something else. I guarantee you that you’ll still be watching eleven minutes later, and craving more immediately.

Richard Turner, people. What’re you doing with your life? If you’re intrigued, there’s an IndieGoGo campaign for the documentary about him, which I am only promoting because it’s awesome.

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