The Bedford Stop Girls Released Two New Insufferable Episodes, And They’re Still Terrible People

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The Bedford Stop Girls Released Two New Insufferable Episodes, And They're Still Terrible People

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These girls, man. There’s no method to their madness. Just two weeks ago, they released Holidays w/o Hollandaise (Part 2), without releasing a Part 1. Just a truly interesting move. So Brooklyn of them, really. And I’m not sure why we deserved this, but now they’ve released both Part 1 and an unexpected Part 3. And they didn’t disappoint.

Part 1: Holidays w/o Hollandaise

You have to think these girls were psyched to think of that title, and the depth of their episodes only matched the cleverness of the title. The first episode proved to be nothing more than a bootleg version of Laguna Beach, much like every other episode they’ve put out. And it’s honestly rude of me to even put them in the same league as Laguna Beach, because they’ll never acquire that sort of status and legend.

Oh, and my new biggest pet peeve is officially people saying “clurb” instead of “club” because that was unbearable.

Part 2: Holidays w/o Hollandaise

Watch here.

Part 3: Holidays w/o Hollandaise

I imagine that this episode panned out like Things Girls Do After Graduation would’ve panned out had our heroine never found Todd. Just a bunch of single bimbos acting a fool and taking selfies at a shitty party in Brooklyn.

I’m not sold that everyone enjoys hate-watching these girls as much as I do, but I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Oh, and the best part of this episode? The YouTube description.

Alex & Olena try vodka soaked gummies and do NYE things.

Watch more

Yes, they misspelled the name of their website. Only The Bedford Stop girls, man. They’re one of a kind.

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