Insufferable Marriage Announcements

Week after week, The New York Times publishes the wedding announcements of socialites, celebrities, and the privileged alike. Hate-reading them has become common practice due to their lavish nature and absurd price tags, and our breakdowns merely shed light on the worst of the worst.

A Breakdown Of This Week's Most Insufferable New York Times Marriage Announcement
Thoughts On Not Being Featured In The New York Times Feature About Hate-Reading Their Marriage Announcements
The Worst (And Best) Parts Of This Week's Insufferable New York Times Marriage Announcement
A Breakdown Of Ivanka Trump's Insufferable New York Times Wedding Announcement
Here We Have One Of The Most Privileged And Unbearable New York Times Wedding Announcements To Date
The Most Miserable Tidbits From Last Week's New York Times Vows Section
The New York Times Spectacularly Outlined A Bunch Of Absurd Ways People Are Entering Their Weddings
Brooklyn, Record Stores & Etsy: Here's Another Insufferable Hipster New York Times Marriage Announcement
This Preppy NYT Marriage Announcement Is So Incredibly Pretentious

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