Sorry, Ladies – If You Don’t Wear Makeup At Work, You’ll Get Paid Less Money

Sorry, Ladies – If You Don’t Wear Makeup At Work, You’ll Get Paid Less Money

If you’re a lady in the workforce, you’re likely to find yourself in one of two categories: those that wake up at the first alarm in the morning and always come to the office with a full face of perfect makeup or those that don’t put as much effort into perfecting that tricky cat eye, because who are you trying to impress anyway? Unfortunately for the latter group, not putting on makeup in the morning makes a bigger difference than you might think – a new scientific study revealed that women who don’t show up to the office wearing makeup get paid less than their counterparts who understand how contouring actually works. Awesome.

Results from the study show that individuals who are considered attractive make an average of 20 percent more than their traditionally “unattractive” coworkers. For women, this figure is affected by those who wear makeup and those who don’t – the makeup wearing crew are typically considered more attractive, and end up making more money.

However, we all know salary determinations aren’t that simple – if you show up to work one week without mascara, your resulting paycheck won’t have a hundred dollar markdown. Since salaries are primarily determined in two ways – starting negotiations and ongoing raises – the issue of wearing makeup may be a more subtle one than you think.

For example, showing up to your interviews looking put together shows your potential employer that you take the job seriously, potentially leading them to offer you more money. Additionally, continuing to come to work without taking the time to look in the mirror may show your boss that you have higher priorities than your 9-5 obligation, potentially ending up in you being looked over when bonus time occurs. While wearing makeup in and of itself doesn’t have a direct impact on job performance, coming to work looking put together and professional does – at least in the eyes of your supervisor. So ladies, it’s time to start waking up before the seventh snooze – if you have time to throw on at least a little bit of blush, you may be receiving a much bigger Christmas bonus this year.

[via Science Direct]

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