Riley Cooper Really Loves Uber

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With as many times we’ve seen pro athletes get pulled over for DUIs, and wonder why they didn’t spring for a car service, you’d think we wouldn’t also make fun of athletes for when they do the responsible thing and actually call a car. Well, you’d be wrong. Look, I’m glad that Riley Cooper is appreciative of his Uber. He just seems a little…too appreciative.

Like back in March when he used it.

And in May.

And October.

November (of last year).


Now, I can’t remember for sure if Uber offers the option to tweet this as a pre-generated message after your ride is completed, mostly because I’ve never taken an Uber sober, but I prefer to believe that Riley Cooper is writing each of these out himself. He’s a simple man. No need for jokes, or colorful commentary, he just says exactly what he means. Uber gave him a ride, and he’s thankful for it. It’s refreshing in its simplicity, really.

Keep thanking Uber, Riley. And tell your friends. The only thing more stupid than getting a DUI is risking being suspended from your occupation for getting a DUI.

Well, that, and possibly killing someone. That’s dumb too.

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