Power Ranking The 7 Best Break Room Snacks

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Work is terrible. We come. We work. We die. It’s all part of the archaic standards passed down to us by the generations who instituted these outrageous societal norms.

At work, you have to find small positives in the little things. For me, it is was ping pong. But that phase of my life has come and gone. Now, I spend ten minutes of every hour trying all the snacks we have in the break room.

I’ve decided to break down the best office snacks available on the market.

7. Cereal

I am a lover of sugary cereal. My favorite kind of cereal? Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries or Fruity Pebbles.

Only problem with committing to cereal is that it is a labor-intensive snack. You have to pour the cereal, pour the milk… I guess that’s it, but it still feels like a daunting task every time I commit to making a bowl.

The other problem is the clean up. We don’t have a disposal, so where can I pour out the soggy cereal I don’t want to eat? I have an issue with throwing away liquid into the garbage can — only douchebags do that. Instead, I have to make a barrier with my spoon and pour the milk out without letting any of the cereal remnants fall into the drain. It’s about a five minute process and not always worth it.

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