New Study Suggests That Men Eat More Pizza When Trying To Impress A Lady

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New Study Suggests The Men Eat More Pizza When Trying To Impress A Lady

Hey ladies, have you noticed that the guy you are interested in has been rocking more a few extra pounds lately? Well, according to scientists, that might mean that he’s trying to impress you.

According to researchers at Cornell University, men eat 93% more pizza when they are trying to impress a woman. The study’s introduction states: “When one recognizes the overwhelming presence of men in competitive eating contests where the goal is to consume as much as possible in as short a period as possible, then it becomes clear that male eating patterns warrant closer attention through the lens of sexual selection theory.”

Mmmm, ok then. I didn’t know this was an area in need of scientific study, you know, with cancer remaining uncured and such, but I’ll roll with it. The researchers observed the eating habits of 133 adults who were recruited at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet over a two-week period. Sadly, the study did not contain the address of said-buffet, but it did reach some interesting conclusions. The researchers found that “men tend to overeat to show off,” when they are dining with women, according to Kevin Kniffin, the lead author of the study. “Instead of a feat of strength, it’s a feat of eating.”

The study, which was published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, said that this overeating by men is meant to demonstrate “that they possess extraordinary skills, advantages, and/or surplus energy in degrees that are superior to other men.” In a somewhat confusion conclusion, the study also found this chowing down by dudes may also be done in an attempt to signal “their biological fitness” — despite the fact that binging on pizza will likely have the opposite effect of fitness.

Note to my next date: you don’t need to impress me by devouring an entire large pepperoni pizza. Honestly, you’ll probably get a second date as long as you pick up the check.

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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