New Study Contradicts Pretty Much Everything That’s Said About Millennials

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New Study Contradicts Pretty Much Everything That’s Said About Millennials

Everywhere you turn, there’s factoids about “millennials.” That we are drowning in student loan debt, we live at home mooching off our parents, we’re cynical, and we don’t give a shit about anything but ourselves.

But a new poll from Forbes has found some facts about millennials that may surprise everyone except us. While there were the usual statistics about buying habits (shocker: we shop online more than we go to the store) and social media (although I’m surprised to find I’m not in the minority when it comes to not using Snapchat – only 2% of use it the most), the real interesting stuff came in terms of demographics, finance, and general sentiments:

80% are active in their community outside of work.

51% consider exercise to be the most important health factor in their daily life.

86% are “very confident” about their future earning potential and certain that the companies that employ them will grow and thrive.

50% cite changing the world for the better as a goal.

44% say that the opportunity to change the world motivates them to be successful.

Only 8% live with their parents.

58% graduated with no student loan debt and 56% of those that did have debt have paid it off.

Most important challenges we think the world faces: 27% replied global warming, 24% said terrorism and 22% said the economy and future recession.

80% still believe in the American dream.

97% are extremely optimistic about what lies ahead for them.

Well, I’m not sure if I’m 97% optimistic, but this certainly makes me feel a bit better about our future. Aren’t you?

[Via Forbes]

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