New Independence Day Kimoji’s Are All Kinds Of Raunchy

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New Kimoji's Are Raunchy

Say whatever you want about the Kardashians, but never, ever question their ability to sell a product. Seriously, is there a woman on Earth who has pimped her children out to the masses like Kris Jenner has? They are America’s first family and it’s all because Kim’s sextape got “leaked” one fateful day in 2007. On Monday, Kim added a couple new 4th of July themed Kimoji’s to her keyboard add-on that literally shut down the App Store the day the first ones were released a few months ago.

I’m not saying the newest Kimoji update is too much, but it’s certainly suggestive. I’m really excited to hear some outrage from angry parents whose kids idolize a woman that got famous for making a porno with a semi-successful rapper. If the app wasn’t two dollars, I’d probably download it myself just to have the new ones that got released.

If you want to sell something, make Kim Kardashian the spokeswoman and you’ll be rich forever. Look at these things:

She’s going to be raking in money this week thanks to this update, and I for one can’t help but applaud her business accumen. Go Kim, Go.

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[via Cosmopolitan]

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