Morning T Boost: Swing The Bat

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Providing you with the ultimate roll over, check your phone, T Boost on the web. It’s science. Look it up.


Every now and then Hollywood gets it right. This makes me want to do something great today. I’ll settle for not splattering medium Chipotle salsa on my shirt, or staying 10 minutes after 5 p.m.



You’re halfway there. You can feel it in your bones.

Pick your spots. Bob and weave until the opportunity arises, then drop a truth bomb on these fuckers.

No shame

Elana from the University of Maryland. #TFM #TFMgirls

A photo posted by TFM Girls (@tfmgirls) on

Alrighty then.

Seriously, what?

Can’t these coworkers see that you’re busy? If the headphones are on, do not approach. When you’re in the zone, you’re like a mother bear with her cubs. You don’t want to hurt nobody.

Close the deal.

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