Morning T Boost: Grunts

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Morning T Boost: Grunt

Providing you with the ultimate roll over, check your phone, T Boost on the web. It’s science. Look it up.


There are few better ways to boost your man-T than a primal grunt. Every office needs more grunting. Ladies, you’re welcome to join in with a Sharapova-esque forehand grunt.


Think outside the box. When someone asks what you’re doing, tell them that you’re thinking outside the box. They’ll have no choice but to respect what you’re doing and leave you alone. In the end, isn’t that all you want?

So, so tight

Man, Phil was really trying to get his edge back here. I’m not 100 percent positive that it worked, but you have to respect the fact that he went for it.


Nice try, dork.


First concert I attended was RATM in 1998. Wu-Tang Clan was supposed to be on the bill, but they dropped off the tour for some sketch reason. I think I got a contact high and turned into an obnoxious poser left wing activist. Got my edge back, though.

Go hard.

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