Morning T Boost: Fight For Your Life

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Morning T Boost: Fight For What's Right

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s what puts hair on a man’s chest. It’s the force behind his sex drive. A decrease in sex drive sometimes accompanies a drop in testosterone, leading many men to mistakenly believe that their lack of energy and loss of interest in sex is simply due to getting older. Fuck getting older. We’ll be with you every morning, bright and early, to max out your T. Wake up. You’ve got this.

Respect Your Coworkers

You are the new blood. They know it, and you know it. Figure out what the key players in your company are doing, and follow their lead.


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You can’t just dive right into it. You need to be prepared. If you wing it, there’s a good chance you’ll get hurt out there.

Who Has Your Back?

You need to figure out who is with you, and who is against you. Office alliances are key.

If you hurt my friends, then you hurt my pride

Eat your vitamins. Tomorrow’s Friday. Stand up for yourself.

Go close.

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