Morning T Boost: 0-100

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Providing you with the ultimate roll over, check your phone, T Boost on the web. It’s science. Look it up.


You’re stuck with your coworkers. Make the best of it. Embrace them or update the rez. Or you can always send in one-liners/columns about them.

Do your job

That’s all Kins wants you to do. No bullshit. Just come in, put your head down, and do your job.

Game face

My face after sprints looks very similar to my face after I 3 putt haha

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Do you even have a gameface? You need to perfect the squinty eyed busy look as you walk through the office like you have a real purpose. Fake it until you make it.


Tuesday is your bounce-back day. It’s probably been at least 2 business days since you’ve gone #100, so you need to go hard today.

Go close.

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