It’s Shocking How Much Professional Gamers Make

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It's Shocking How Much Professional Gamers Make

People get paid money to do a lot of dumb shit. Those sign twirlers you see on the corner? Those jovial motherfuckers somehow manage to turn standing around into a career. Hell, I blog my little heart out and live a baller life.

Well, Darren Rovell tweeted out how much professional video gamers make. And it made me sick.

Goldenglue is about to rake in $92,000 this year? Gleeb is making a cool $72,500? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

When I saw this and read “E-Sports,” I was like, “Oh, cool, these guys are really good at Madden and FIFA.” No. These guys are good at games that I’ve never even heard of before. Counter-Strike. Dead or Alive 4. StarCraft II. I mean, these are probably relatively popular in the gamer realm, but in the world I’m living in? There’s not a chance I’d be caught playing them. Well, unless someone’s offering me $92,000 to do so.

I’d say I’m going to go out and score some Adderall and get right to it, but apparently that’s banned now in the “E-Sports” biz. I’ll stick to endlessly scrolling Instagram and watching bowl games for now.

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