Instagram And The Female Douchebag

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The male douchebag has existed and been detested since time immemorial. There were probably Carthaginians ripping on ancient Roman douchebags for wearing goofy wreaths on their heads and manscaping their nipple hair. “Look at Caesar over there with his dumbass plant hat and smooth man cleavage. I hate that douchebag.”

Present day male douchebags come in all shapes and sizes, but whether it’s the TAPOUT t-shirt wearing meathead, the gel-haired guido with a tanning addiction, or the uncomfortably preppy frat bro, we love to loathe them all. However, a previously well-hidden douchebag that has flown under the radar and remained relatively historically insignificant has recently been thrust into the spotlight via social media. I’m talking about the female douchebag.

Instagram changed the game forever and made it incredibly easy to identify the fem-douche. This is where she posts all manner of inappropriate pictures that she would never share on Facebook or any other form of social media where the normal rules of society still apply. The she-douche is really into herself. Way more into herself than the normal self-obsessed human. She lives for a good gym mirror selfie after an intense ab workout. She doesn’t even care that there are other people in the gym watching her snap pictures of her toned stomach and firm glutes at flattering angles via mirror, and she makes sure to include a geotag of Gold’s Gym so every creepy Instagram follower knows where to find her if they feel like transitioning from social media stalking to real life stalking. Underneath this selfie is usually a bevy of illuminating hashtags: #progress #thinspiration #girlswithabs #strongisthenewsexy #iamthenewsexy #iwouldfuckme #wouldyoufuckme #tellmeimpretty #lookatmybodyihatemydad. With every double-tap, she gets just a little bit wetter, and thinks she has a little more in common with Kim Kardashian or a Victoria’s Secret Model.

The female douchebag, much like the male douchebag, waved bye-bye to shame and remorse long ago. She uses fitness as a thin veil to disguise her generally skanky behavior. Her Instagram account exists solely to broadcast the message that she is hot, and she is only getting hotter by doing squats on the reg. She’s not photographing the perfect sunset, capturing her plate of food in just the right light, or taking pictures of her dog being silly and cute like normal miserable people; she’s just making sure to include at least a few inches of cleavage in that selfie of her holding a martini. She is savvy. She knows her following of 2,762 creepers, comprised mostly of complete strangers and sexual predators, doesn’t really care that she’s enjoying an alcoholic beverage with her friends, but they do care about her funbags. She knows they don’t really care that her city is enjoying perfect summer weather, but they do want to see a neck-down POV shot of her laying out at the pool. She thrives on attention driven by sexuality. Without it, she would die, and the lady d-bag does not wish to die; she wishes to live a long life where as many men as possible have imagined her completely naked, because she’s bombing their feeds with pictures of her almost completely naked.

This girl is the reason you can’t open Instagram in church. Your normal friends post lovely pictures with interesting filters that keep you in the loop on their respectable daily activities, but not the female douchebag. One second you’re saying The Lord’s Prayer, and the next you’re staring at a photo of her twerking upside down at the bar in a skintight dress with her ass hanging out. It’s okay though, because she hashtagged #workhardplayhard. Have fun explaining that one to Saint Peter, you perverted son of a bitch.

She makes it infinitely more difficult to explain what Instagram is to your grandma, because you’re afraid to let granny scroll through your feed when there’s a solid chance the fem-douche you follow has recently uploaded a photo of herself doing downward-facing dog in nothing but boy shorts and a sports bra.

“Who’s this young lady bending over in her undergarments, honey?”

“Oh God! Grandma no! Look away!”

I should make it clear that I’m obviously all for yoga, working out at the gym, and anything else that betters your odds at a long and healthy life and makes you look awesome naked. However, if the only reason you’re doing healthy activities is so that you can bless the world with your body in the form of a scantily clad Instagram post, maybe you need to get your priorities straight. The male douchebag has been ripped apart incessantly for being an annoying, attention-seeking, pathetically lame waste of human flesh, so why not his female counterpart? It’s time we acknowledge that she is alive and well, and now easily identifiable via her hilariously self-serving Instagram account.

You might be asking, “Why don’t you just unfollow her?” Well yeah, but then I’d miss out on all those super hot pics.

We men are just a bunch of thirsty pervs. If you give us something to ogle, we will ogle, and we will double-tap, and we will reinforce the obviously unhealthy behavior that this column intends to make light of, because we are horny morons. I guarantee at least a few dudes reading this thought, “Holy shit I need to download Instagram!” And as we speak, they are being sucked down the rabbit hole of #fitspo pics, never to emerge.

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  1. 176

    First off, I don’t disagree, ladies certainly have equal opportunities to be obnoxious douchebags, but at the and of this article you pretty much say (even though you use the phrase ‘make light’) that it’s a woman’s fault if a man behaves creepy/pervy. Come on, slut shaming and passing blame is SO last generation. And there are a lot of men who aren’t ‘horny morons’. You said it yourself that it’s ‘obviously unhealthy behavior’. Maybe if we didn’t propagate that mindset, even for humor’s sake, it wouldn’t be such a rampant issue?

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
    • 22
      W R Bolen

      That last couple paragraphs was me admitting that many guys totally feed the fire. Blame lies with both sexes, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous or hilarious an epidemic.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
      • 47
        The EIT

        Guys totally feed that fire. For every 1 attention whore, you have 5 guys willing to give her what she wants. I see it on social media, and I see it at the bars. It sickens me.

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
          • 28

            Solution: If you go to said bar, wear a onesie. Onesies only in bars. Onesies, paper bag, draw on a mustache, hose yourself down (but don’t wear white). Wear neon sign that says “for the love of God just talk to me about things that matter.” But, you know, keep it cute. Because that douchebag in the corner (I hate the term douchebag. Pussy juice is sweet and fantastic, so why the insult I don’t get it. I guess maybe because douching can cause pregnancy complications, so the douche itself is the problem. I will choose that reality) could just be your future husband.

            Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
      • -3

        Like the guy in the original comment says I don’t have a problem with recognizing that there are female douchebags, so I don’t have a problem with most of the article. However you’re closing paragraph falls way short of you admitting guys feed the fire. You made it sound like the women you talk about in the article act this way as a choice, but that guys do it because they can’t help themselves. And i’m so sick of that cop-out.

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
  2. 83

    Glad a guy FINALLY decided to write a post about this…I’m definitely guilty of following these girls too, but women rarely speak up about this otherwise we look like ‘haters’.. Thank you for making my Tuesday! “It’s okay though, because she hashtagged #workhardplayhard. Have fun explaining that one to Saint Peter, you perverted son of a bitch.” Dying over this!

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
  3. 68

    I seem to recall some weekly recurring article that happens on this dreaded day. God dammit! Do I need to hassle you every week? I need my fix Bolen!

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
    • 9
      W R Bolen

      I got two damn questions. When I have enough questions, I do the column. Get off my back, mom.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
      • 5

        Haha, very well. I’ll spread the word to all the dysfunctional people I interact with daily. Clearly we need to get these delinquents around here to mail you instead of going to their therapists.

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
  4. 58

    “Her Instagram account exists solely to broadcast the message that she is hot, and she is only getting hotter by doing squats on the reg.”

    Simple, pure, nailed it.

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
  5. 33
    Sarah Spears

    This issue, that you have so colorfully written of, is part of a greater issue facing out generation. I wonder if you would still bash these types of women if you just looked around what out society is telling young women and girls. I don’t need to tell you that men control most of these media outlets show casing The Kardashians or The Real Housewives? What kinds of women do they offer on TV? Women who act dumber, dresses are cut low (even on ESPN and news networks), and are objectified and dehumanized. Unfortunately you are doing the same here in this article, as if these wayward beings have no souls. It is the culture’s fault, if you need more explanation check out the documentary, “MissRepresentation.” Males in our society grow up thinking that these projections of women are real and expected. So if you are attempting to be a journalist/social commentator, I urge you to look at all sides of the issue at hand and please do your research. Although I really hope “Total Frat Move” is not a best-seller, please no. If you wish to expand your knowledge of the issue of our culture, a link to the trailer to the documentary is shown below. Also if being a writer is your goal in if, I may suggest reading more, as your writing seems to need improvement.

    Jackson Kratz is a creator of a gender violence prevention and education program entitled Mentors in Violence Prevention, which has been actively marketed to the U.S. military and various sporting organizations.
    Katz’s work centers on violence, media, and masculinity, with an added focus on media literacy. He has made several documentaries on the representation of women and men in media.
    Here is his script from his documentary “Tough Guise,” that you may want to take a look at

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
      • -3
        Sarah Spears

        “For example, over 85% of the people who commit murder, are men, and the women that do,
        often do so as defense against men who are battering them. Ninety percent of people who
        commit violent physical assault are men. Ninety-five percent of serious domestic violence is
        perpetrated by males, and its been estimated that one in four men will use violence against
        a partner in their lifetime. Over 95% of dating violence is committed by men, and very often
        it’s young men in their teens. Studies have found that men are responsible for between 85%
        and 95% of child sexual abuse whether the victim is female or male. And 99.8% of people in
        prison convicted of rape, are men.
        What this shows is that an awful lot of boys and men are inflicting an incredible level of pain
        and suffering, both on themselves and on others. And we know that much of the violence is
        cyclical, that many boys who are abused as children grow up and become perpetrators
        themselves. So calling attention to the way that masculinity is connected to these problems
        is not anti-male – it’s just being honest about what’s going on in boys’ and men’s lives. And
        while women have been at the forefront of change and trying to talk about these issues in
        the culture, it’s not just women who will benefit if men’s lives are transformed. In fact, while
        men commit a shameful level of violence against women in our society, statistically
        speaking, the major victims of men’s violence are other males. There are millions of male
        trauma survivors walking around today, men who were bullied as adolescents, or abused
        physically or sexually as children. Thousands more men and boys are murdered or
        assaulted every year – usually by other men. So, men have a stake in dealing with these
        problems, and not just those of us who have been victims, but also those men who are
        violent, or who have taken on the tough guise, they do so also at the expense of their
        emotional and relational lives.” -Tough Guise, Jackson Kratz

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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