I Need This Awesome 24-Hour Fitness Trainer To Be My Personal Trainer ASAP

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I think everyone could use a personal trainer like this guy. “Chuck M.” is listed as a personal trainer at this unknown 24 Hour Fitness location. I don’t know where it is, but I must know where I can learn from this guy. He describes himself as a “self trained judo master” and “can sneak up on anyone.” I was sold right there. I’d gladly pay this guy $100+ an hour to get absolutely shredded and absorb his tutelage.


Incredible. I can only imagine what a one-hour workout sesh with Chuck would be like…OH WAIT. I found his Tumblr page and he’s already posted a video of what the Chuck M. Fitness Plan entails.

TREE FIGHTING! Fuck your Zumba class. This guy wants you to fight trees. That kind of aerobic workout will have fat straight up melting off of your body. I would estimate a single, one-hour workout with Chuck would burn upwards of 1500 calories. Constant motion. Resistance training and cardio. Maybe this is what finally gets America off the couch and into crazy good shape. I’m talking about chop-a-tree-down-with-your-bare-hands shape.

Sign me up.

[via Tumblr, Imgur]

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