Here Are The Median Millennial Incomes Across The Country And, Oh Shit, We’re Broke

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This Map Will Reiterate That Every Millennial Is Broke AF

If our bank account statements and credit card debt tell us anything, it’s that we’re all broke AF. A new map from Business Insider shows us what we already know – median income for millennials absolutely blows.

As it turns out, millennials are actually a LOT more broke than we expected. While I’ve been busy whining about my salary, the HIGHEST median millennial salary in the US is a meager $27,500 in Alaska, which I’m only assuming is so high because they have to bribe people to live there. Better Alaska than Montana though, where the median salary chimes in at only $18,000.

I guess after this I’ll attempt to be a bit more grateful about my salary, although that seems unlikely when the only alcohol I can afford to buy comes in a cardboard box. Count your blessings folks, and if you live in Montana, here’s a link to sign up for food stamps.

[via Business Insider / Minnesota Population Center]

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