Burger King Announces A Tex-Mex Version Of The Whopper: The ‘Whopperrito’

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Burger King Announces A Tex-Mex Version Of The Whopper: The 'Whopperrito'

I don’t know a lot of people who voluntarily eat at Burger King, but for the handful of you who fall under this category, I have some exciting news for you.

Burger King recently announced the creation of the “Whopperrito,” a Tex-Mex take on its famous Whopper sandwich. It’s basically just a Whopper — but instead of a bun it’s wrapped in a flour tortilla. Genius.

Just look at that thing. It’s a monstrosity.

From Mashable:

Alex Macedo, President of Burger King North America tells Mashable that when introducing the Whopperrito in a few select restaurants back in June, they received a great deal of positive feedback.

“Some of our regulars that love the Whopper tried the Whopperrito because it has the same fresh veggies, beef and the same flame-grilled flavor that everyone is familiar with,” Macedo said.

Since the Whopperrito is essentially a deconstructed Whopper made using a flour tortilla instead of buns and creamy queso sauce rather than mayonnaise, fans of the burger won’t be sacrificing much of the original product.

As for future fast food mash-ups, Macedo said the chain is “always looking at categories and flavors that are growing.” So, who knows what’s in store.

I’m all in for innovative food options from bottom-tier fast food restaurants. I never used to eat at Taco Bell, but then they created the Doritos-shelled taco and I was immediately on-board with the disgusting Mexican food chain.

Burger King has tried to coax me in using flame grilled hot dogs (gross) and Cheetos-flavored mac and cheese (still gross), but they still haven’t closed a sale with me since my car broke down driving home from college when I was 19 and it was the only restaurant open. Even then, I internally debated whether or not dinner was necessary. Oh, the joys of being a young college student in remotely good shape. It feels like a distant memory now.

But the Whopperrito? I think I’m a fan. It might just be my native Texan craving for Tex-Mex in a Midwestern metropolis, but this could be a big hit for “the King.” I mean, it’s not like BK has anything left to lose.

[via Mashable]

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