Alfonso Ribeiro Might Have To Leave DWTS After Sustaining Multiple Injuries From Doing “The Carlton Dance”

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In a cruel twist of fate, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) might have to shelve his dancing career due to a groin injury he sustained doing his signature Carlton Banks dance. You know, the dance you always try to pull off at weddings?

From TMZ:

“Our DWTS sources say Ribeiro injured his back during rehearsal Wednesday night as he tried to overcompensate for a groin injury which he suffered on the show, performing his signature move.

The back injury is bad — he’s having trouble even walking. Alfonso skipped rehearsals Thursday so he could get an MRI.”

WHY GOD? WHY? Seeing him take “The Carlton” out of mothballs was probably the biggest moment on primetime TV in 2014 and now, we may never see it again.

That’s just a damn shame.


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