6th Grader Pens Two-Page Essay To Miley Cyrus, Begging Her To Clean Up Her Act

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Why this kid waited so long to write this letter to Miley Cyrus is beyond me, but if you were wanting to take a trip back to 2013 when “Blurred Lines” and Miley’s tongue were running roughshod over American pop culture, Jackson Amburgey’s got you covered.

In this December letter to Miley, he begs her to clean up her act. I didn’t know her act needed cleaning up. Miley’s been out of the spotlight for over a year now, presumably laying low after dropping “Bangerz” and owning the world after its release. However, Jackson wasn’t about to let this one go. He needs Miley to know that this kind of behavior is still unacceptable in a two-page essay entitled “Why Miley, Why?”



Obviously Jackson is a little upset that the once pure, bubbly Hannah Montana has turned into full-fledged floozie, Miley Cyrus. Look, kid. We all accepted this a long time ago. Miley’s just being Miley and she won’t bend for nobody. I respect the effort and maybe she’ll see this. In the mean time, you’ll come to find that you appreciate the heel turn that Miley pulled in late-2013, because that was pure entertainment.

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