30 Life Lessons I Learned From “The Golden Girls”

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30 Life Lessons I Learned From "The Golden Girls"

Taylor Swift may think she invented the #squad, but us smart ladies know that the original squad was created quite a while back. Thirty years ago today, actually – by some ladies named Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia on “The Golden Girls.” That’s right, because before the ladies of “Sex and The City,” there was the original badass women making their way through the second stage of life in Miami. Their hearts were true and they were pals and confidants, plus they taught us a hell of a lot about life and friendship — at any age.

There are definitely benefits to being a little bit promiscuous.

Occasionally you just need to use bad words.

Girls’ night pretty much looks the same no matter what age you are.

Charity work is way more fun when you do it with your friends.

The best way to help a friend can be to just listen.

There are two things that heal all of your troubles.

And laughter is the other one.

Oh, and cheesecake.

Sometimes the decisions that come from our heart don’t always make the most sense.

Every single circle of friends has this girl in it.


And lesbians are way cooler than cats, apparently.

There will always be one guy you date that your mother – and your friends – hate.

I don’t care what they say – safe sex is important.

Sometimes it best to just keep feelings out of it.

There’s a thin line…

The most fun activity in the world is a dance party with your friends.

Science is hard.

Taking care of yourself is important.

There’s a reason why that guy is so shitty to you.

One of the important qualities in a friend is that they are able to follow instructions.

I’m all about #feminism, but sometimes you just have to use what you’ve got.

We all have one friend who overshares on a regular basis.

Most meaningful friendships are based on your mutual dislike of someone else.

Nothing important in life is ever just given to you – you have to work for it.

People mature differently.

True friendship is about knowing when you bite your tongue.

Particularly if you don’t want to burst their bubble.

Girls love their birthdays – no matter how old they are.

Happiness – and friendship – is a gift that you should hold onto as long as you can.

Because there are very few things as wonderful in this life as a hug from your friends.

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