29 Alternatives To “Netflix and Chill” That May Actually Get You Laid

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29 Alternatives To “Netflix and Chill” That May Actually Get You Laid

The newest addition to everyone’s vocabulary, “Netflix and Chill,” has spawned a whole lot of things. There are all kinds of lists about the best things to watch while you “chill” (like it matters), there’s an app specifically built to ask people if they want to Netflix and chill (funny, I thought that was called Tinder?) and Spotify even has a “Netflix and Chill” playlist (although, I wonder: do you need music in the background if Netflix is on the TV?)

Anyway, it’s seems as though the little brother of the “You up?” text is here to stay, but I have to admit, I’m already kind of over it. I mean, really, dudes? You can’t come up with something more creative than “Netflix and chill”? Sure, it’s an easy code that we all know means, “You are going to go over to your partner’s house and fuck with Netflix in the background” (Thanks, Urban Dictionary!) but I prefer a little more creativity in requests from guys.

So here are some alternative things that girls like as much as Netflix that you may find useful when trying to entice that special (for the moment) lady to come over for some action. And yes, some of them may require a sacrifice — monetarily, physically, or emotionally — on your part, but isn’t getting laid worth it?

“Bottle(s) of wine and chill?”

“Free shoes and chill?”

“Pizza and chill?”

“Queso and chill?”

Actually, “(fill in any cheese here) and chill?” will work.

“Rub your back and chill?”

“Look at cute puppy pics and chill?”

“Online shop and chill?”

“Football and chill?”

“Actually have a conversation and chill?”

“I’ll cook you dinner and chill?”

Scratch that, I don’t want food poisoning – “Seamless and chill?”

“Pinterest and chill?”

“Listen to The Weeknd and chill?”

“I’ll put together that bookcase from IKEA you bought and chill?”

“Listen to you bitch about all of your ‘friends’ and chill?”

“PSL delivery and chill?”

“You don’t even have to put pants on and chill?”

“Talk about the Kardashians and chill?”

“Diet Coke and chill?”

“Stalk your exes online and chill?”

“Tell you you’re pretty repeatedly and chill?”

“Take a nap and chill?”

“Chipotle and chill?”

“ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween” / Syfy’s “31 Days of Halloween” / Disney’s “Monstober” and chill?”

“Chocolate and chill?”

“Listen to Taylor Swift and chill?”

“Do it for the Insta and chill?”

“I will actually care if you have an orgasm and chill?”

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