15 Excuses For Skipping The Gym

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  1. I’m still a little sore from that last workout. I better give it another day so I don’t do any permanent damage.
  2. I didn’t sleep that well last night. My body would probably benefit more if I just got some more rest.
  3. If I go now, it’s going to be really crowded. I hate awkwardly asking some dude if he’s done with that bench.
  4. I might be getting sick. I sneezed 3 times today and can’t afford to miss anymore work. I may just grab some emergen-c and hope it works better than it did last time.
  5. It’s a legs day…
  6. I need to fill out that 20 page online application so I can apply to that job I’m vastly under-qualified for.
  7. My back has really been bothering me this week. The last thing I need is some type of lingering back problem.
  8. I hit it pretty hard over the last couple weeks. I think I read something about taking a week off to let the body get some rest.
  9. I don’t want to be too sore to play golf tomorrow.
  10. I didn’t eat enough at lunch today. If I go in there right now, I’ll probably breakdown halfway through.
  11. I drank too much last night.
  12. I’ll probably be tired all day if I go before work.
  13. It’s kinda late. I won’t be able to sleep tonight if my heart rate gets too high.
  14. There really isn’t enough time on my lunch break to workout and shower.
  15. I’ll just go in the morning.

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